2007 AGM Members and Guests

Membership Information

The members and officers of the ASQDE encourage eligible forensic document examiners to consider membership in the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

Qualified applicants from the United States and Canada initially join as Provisional Members.  Provisional members undergo testing before they can be promoted to Regular Membership.  Provisional Members who have successfully undergone written and practical testing by the ABFDE, may be eligible for a waiver of the written and practical tests administered by the ASQDE. Applicants for Regular Membership who are granted a waiver must complete an acceptable research project.

Our by-laws also provide opportunities for qualified individuals in training, or those who have recently completed training, to join the ASQDE as Affiliate Members. 

Qualified forensic document examiners from outside the the United States and Canada may be eligible for Corresponding Membership.