Ink Differentiation
Infrared Luminescence

Services include the following:

  • The comparative examination of disputed and undisputed writings.
  • The comparative examination of disputed and undisputed signatures.
  • The determination of the sequence in which files or notes have been prepared.
  • Determining the source of anonymous letters, extortion notes, etc.
  • The detection of unauthorized or fraudulent alterations in documents, including page substitutions.
  • The restoration of erased, bleached, faded, overwritten or obliterated entries in documents.
  • The visualization and sequencing of latent writing impressions in documents.
  • Determining the sequence in which entries may have been made in a document.
  • Determining the relative date on which certain entries were written.
  • Determining whether documents are a recent fabrication.
  • Examination of typewritten and computer generated documents in order to possibly identify their source and earliest date of production.
  • Decipherment of typewriter ribbons and the matching of specific entries to the typewriter ribbon.
  • Non-destructive examination of inks and papers.
  • Examination and dating of watermarks.
  • The recovery of charred, shredded or otherwise damaged documents.
  • Detection of counterfeit documents.
  • Detection and decipherment of secret writings.
  • Determination of the approximate date of production of a photocopy and/or its generation.
  • The preparation of visual aids to demonstrate observations and findings in court.
  • Advice to counsel in respect of document examination matters.
  • Lectures and seminar presentations.
  • Preparation of reports and testimony as an expert witness in the field of document examination.

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