James Clark Sellers

ASQDE President - 1946-1950

  James Clark Sellers  

J. Clark Sellers was the second President of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

Mr. Sellers was one of the men invited to attend meetings in the home of Albert S. Osborn prior to formation of the ASQDE.  He first attended in 1930.  When the organization was formed in 1942, Mr. Sellers was one of the charter members and served as the first Vice President of the organization.  He co-authored the organization's original Code of Ethics.

He was born in 1881 in Center Creek, Utah.  He was educated at the University of Salt Lake City and the University of Southern California.  He served in the Army Air Corps in World War I and saw overseas service in England.  He was in private practice in Los Angles as an examiner of questioned documents from 1924 until 1973.  He died in San Marino, California in 1973.

Clark Sellers was one of the pioneers of questioned document examination.  His many major cases included the the kidnapping/murder of the Lindbergh baby.  Mr. Sellers was the author of numerous articles and professional papers.  He was a charter member and Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, serving as chairman of the Questioned Document Section.  Mr. Sellers also served as the president of the Southern Academy of Criminology.

Photograph courtesy of Russell R. Bradford.  The biographical information was derived in part from Introduction to Handwriting Examination and Identification by Russell R. Bradford and Ralph B. Bradford, as well as "In Memoriam: Clark Sellers, 1981-1973," published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol. 18, No.4, October 1973, and "Clark Sellers: Examiner of Questioned Documents (1881 - 1973)," an unpublished paper by Jan Beck.