Albert D. Osborn

ASQDE President - 1950-1952

Albert D. Osborn

Albert D. Osborn was the third President of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

Mr. Osborn was born on March 2, 1896 and grew up in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.  He was a graduate of Dartmouth University.  Mr. Osborn was the son of the founding president of the ASQDE, Albert S. Osborn.  After joining his father's practice, he began attending the meetings that eventually led to the formation of the ASQDE.  In 1942, Mr. Osborn was one of the 15 men who founded the Society.  He was associated with his father in private practice until his father's death in 1946.  A. D. Osborn's sons, Paul Osborn and Russell Osborn, both became examiners of questioned documents, as did his grandson John P. Osborn.

Among Mr. Osborn's many high profile cases, he was one of eight document examiners who testified for the prosecution in the case against Bruno Hauptmann in the kidnapping/murder of the Lindbergh baby.

Mr. Osborn was coauthor of the book Questioned Document Problems with his father.  He was also the author of many professional papers.