George J. Lacy

ASQDE President - 1956-1960

  George J. Lacy  
George J. Lacy and Lucile P. Lacy

George Lacy was the fifth president of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners and the last of the 15 men who established the organization to be elected to that office.

Mr. Lacy's first meeting was the 1942 inaugural meeting of the society.  Two years later he married Lucile Peters Lacy who would later become the tenth president of the ASQDE.

During Mr. Lacy's early work in law enforcement he arrested Charles Ponzi, the namesake of the Ponzi Scheme.  He began his career in forensic science as a general criminalist and ballistics expert.  As a ballistics expert, he worked on the Bonnie and Clyde case.  He later specialized in questioned document examination.  He was responsible for establishing the Houston Police Crime Laboratory.  Mr. Lacy maintained a private practice in Houston, Texas for many years.

George Lacy was the author of number of articles and professional papers, such as "Handwriting and Forgery Under Hypnosis," published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology and "Magnification versus Enlargement," published in the Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal.  Mr. Lacy passed away in 1962.

Derived in part from an article entitled "A Tribute to Lucile Lacy" by Janet F. Masson, published in The Society News (ASQDE newsletter), November 2005.