David A. Black

ASQDE President - 1962-1964

David A. Black
David A. Black, 1970

David Black was the seventh president of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners.

Mr. Black became a member of the ASQDE in 1948.  It is said that he did not miss more than one or two meetings of the organization during his thirty-two years as a member.  Shortly before his death, Mr. Black was made a Life Member of the organization.

David Black was born in 1915.  He was educated at UCLA and in 1937, he went to work with the prominent examiner of questioned documents, Clark Sellers.  After completing his training, he was in private practice for many years with Mr. Sellers.  During World War II, Mr. Black served as a gunnery officer in the Navy.  After the war, he continued in field of questioned documents.  In 1946, he testified for the first time and went on to testify in more than 1000 cases.  He was the author of numerous articles and professional papers.  Mr. Black passed away in 1980.  His son, James A. Black, is a questioned document examiner in private practice in California.

Derived from a newsletter article by John J. Harris.