The 73rd Annual General Meeting of the
American Society of Questioned Document Examiners

Eaton Chelsea, Toronto

Toronto, Canada    August 8-13, 2015


Program Chair: Bonnie Beal

Site Chair: Diane Kruger


The American Society of Questioned Document Examiners meets annually in various locations around the United States and Canada. During our meetings, members and guests present the results of original research and other topics of interest to forensic document examiners. Workshops are also held to further the training of the meeting attendees.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of the ASQDE was held in Toronto, Canada.  This was the first ASQDE meeting in Toronto since 1969.

The links below are for the 2016 meeting in Pensacola Beach, Florida.  A list of our previous meetings, with programs and abstracts for some of the more recent meetings, can be viewed by clicking the previous meeting link on the menu below.  Please keep in mind that attendance at our meetings is limited to members and invited guests.  Members may request a guest invitation from the Secretary by clicking on the the guest invitations link.